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Slovenian business translation

Our business and law graduates have a high level of expertise and considerable translation experience to provide quality business Slovenian translations. We translate different but related business materials using the same terminology and consistent phrases, in most cases in the same form as the original, so that the Slovenian translation is always correct.

Slovenian legal translation

When translating a contract, a legal declaration, a power of attorney, a loan agreement or a lawsuit, and any other legal-related material, professionalism is crucial. Our Slovenian translators with legal qualifications can provide you with a signed and stamped translation, a so-called official translation, if required.

Slovenian medical translation

With many years of experience, we translate product brochures, case studies, medical and pharmaceutical literature for major pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical companies. With our specialist Slovenian translators, who are pharmacists and doctors, and have specialist knowledge of the language, we provide our partners with high-quality medical translations.

Slovenian Marketing Translation

The translation of Slovenian online marketing materials also needs to meet specific needs. When translating Adwords keyword lists, we look for linguistically catchy, short phrases, while when optimising websites, we pay attention to SEO aspects. In addition to this, we support the work of our specialist translators with the attention of our web development colleagues when translating website localisation, newsletter translation and frequently updated online content.

Slovenian financial translation

For balance sheets, annual reports and accounting documents, it is essential that a Slovenian translator with specialised knowledge of the subject matter translates the documents. We always provide professional translations of financial material by our Slovenian language specialists to ensure that the financial material is not only translated, but also correctly translated.

Slovenian technical translation

In the case of translations of instructions for use, operating instructions, machine manuals, technical approvals, production documents and specifications or any technological specifications, tender documents and product specifications, professional authenticity depends on the correct use of Slovenian. Our technical translators are specialists in many different technical fields, so you can trust their expertise.

Slovenian website translation

When translating websites, in most cases, not only the text content but also the text of illustrations, graphics and graphs must be properly rendered in each translated language, which is collectively known as localisation. We can help you to map your website and provide professional language localisation in Hungarian, Slovenian and neighbouring countries as well as in all other world languages.

Croatian Document Translation

We can translate any official Croatian document, certificate, document or any other official document required for working and studying purposes in a short time, providing a signed and stamped translation if necessary. Ask for our certificate when ordering a Croatian translation.

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Most of the more than 300 translating colleagues of our company have been real experts in specific languages and fields with more than a decade of experience. Many of them also translate into their mother tongue and do proofreading if necessary.


Securing your business material and data is our main priority. Documents can always be uploaded to and downloaded from the server of our agency via a secure channel. We treat content and personal information very discreetly.


With just a few clicks, you can submit a request for a detailed quote that can be ordered right away. You can easily download or request the finished translation, which will be sent to your email address. You can either pay online by card or by transfer. We will provide you with a detailed and cost-based bill for convenient settling.


Fast translations are essential to every business. We pay special attention to the specific requests of our customers. Short deadlines are sure to be met by our hardworking translators, even during weekends.


Translation prices are always fair and correct! Our accurate quotations allow customers to calculate prices at any given time. We provide a discount price based on the document to be translated and the deadline, which always results in cost-effective translations.

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Did you know about the Slovenian language?

  • Slovenian (Slovenščina) is also part of the southern group of Slavic languages within the Indo-European group of languages. It has nearly 50 dialects, the basis of the literary language being the Lower Carniolan dialect. It uses a variant of the Latin script. It is most closely related to Croatian, and their phonetic notation is very similar, although it does not use all the sounds used in Croatian - including the letters ć and đ, q, w, x, y.
  • Number of native speakers: 2.4 million. Official language and minority language in Slovenia and the EU: Austria, Italy, Hungary.
  • The history of language. The ancestors of today's Slovenes are the Slavs, who from the 6th century onwards began to populate the region east of the Alps in what is now Slovenia, as well as southern Hungary and Austria and north-eastern Italy. Their first written language records date back to the 10th century, when the first known documents in Slovene appeared. They are also the oldest texts written in Latin letters in a Slavic language.
  • The Slovenian alphabet consists of the following 25 letters: A, B, C, Č, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, Š, T, U, V, Z, Ž
  • Greetings. In Slovenian, the day is divided into four parts and greetings are given accordingly. Dobro jutro (Good morning), Dober dan (Good afternoon), Dober večer (Good evening) and Lahko noč (Good night)
  • Their longest word is dialektičnomaterialističen (meaning dialectical materialist).
  • Vowels in Croatian and Slovenian. Only five vowel letters are used in the two languages, and their pronunciation is roughly the same as in Hungarian: a, e, i, o, u. The pronunciation of a is closer to the Hungarian á-é. The e in Croatian is somewhere between the Hungarian pronunciation of e and é (corresponding to the Hungarian dialect [ë]), in Slovenian it can be similar to e-e, é-e, and often even svat, a short, bite-like sound close to [ö] to a Hungarian ear. In Slovenian, o can also denote two types of sound, one that is more like [u] and one that leans more towards [a]. What is more, each of these (with the exception of svá) can be both short and long. How to pronounce it? You need to know the language well!
  • Dialects. Despite its small size, Slovenia has 7 dialect groups with 46 dialects. Consequently, Slovene is the richest Slavic language in terms of the number of dialects.
  • The form that a given noun or an adjective should take is based on six cases, three genders and three numbers, giving a total of 54 possible variations. There are a lot of irregular verbs, so it is not easy to decide whether a particular verb is regular or irregular, so you have to learn its forms separately. Vowel stress, the dual number and the forms of the possessive case are not only a problem for foreigners, but often also for Slovenes.
  • It has fewer new words than most languages: Slovene forms many new words using its own word forms. Although Slovenian also adopts foreign words, it adapts them to the rules of the language - for example, euro in Slovenian is evro, or CD in Slovenian is zgoščenka.

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