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Medical and pharmaceutical translations

Hungary is a major force when it comes to pharmaceuticals, many of its big family companies play an important role on the international stage. Many of them have also made an appeal to our translation agency. We provided them with quality translations for their medical and pharmaceutical documents in all major languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.). Since the very beginning, Lector has been a professional translator for many companies, including the largest pharmaceutical companies in Hungary. Our best known customers include, among others, GlaxoSmithKline, Richter, Omega Pharma, Valean, Astellas Pharma, BayerGroup and Semmelweis University.

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Why choose Lector for professional medical and pharmaceutical translations?

Our translators have a certified professional translator degree, have years of experience and deliver high-standard translations in multiple languages. Our translators with profound knowledge of medicine and pharmaceuticals provide quality medical translations to our partners with specific vocabulary and expressions in numerous languages. Many of our customers opted for a framework contract offering unique discounts. They also often opted for a permanent translator deal, ensuring consistent terminology.

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We translate into 40 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Slovak, Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian, Slovenian, Swedish, Dutch, Ukrainian, Asian and African languages.

Translation of medical documents

Pharmaceutical Product Reviews

Our professional translators with relevant professional knowledge in the field of pharmaceuticals provide the most accurate translations of pharmaceutical product descriptions. We have extensive experience in translating leaflets, prescriptions, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals and even advertising material.

Medical Records & Final Reports

We provide professional and fast services if you want to share your discoveries in multiple languages. Contact us if you would like to submit outpatient medical records, a surgery description, a foreign sickness insurance form or health insurance funds, a certificate, (private) clinic documents or medical certificates.

Simple administration

Our administration is very easy and flexible. You can take care of everything online, from uploading and downloading your documents to receiving the invoice and settling the payment. Our document archive allows you to work with multiple colleagues at the same time. Our translation agency is at your disposal 24/7.

Case Studies & Medical Articles

With many years of experience, our translators produce outstanding translations for case studies and articles. Our translators provide assistance in translating scientific conferences and presentations, medical articles, publications, scientific reports and medical anamneses published in specialist journals.

Medical Device Descriptions

Allow our translators in the medical field to translate medical device descriptions! Among other things, we can help you translate: instructions for medical instruments and equipment, descriptions for medical aid, application instructions, label texts, OGYI letters and permission documents, ETT opinions on research and clinical trial protocols.

Personal customer service

Everything can be done online most of the time, but we also offer personalised customer service that is always available to you and your business partners. Our management is always all ears. Our Project Manager gladly assists you at any time.

Some of our partners include:

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