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How much does the translation cost?

Translation prices and fees are influenced by several factors. First of all, it is determined by the linguistic relationship between the source and target languages and the size of the document to be translated. The more common the language used - for example, English, German, French, Russian, Romanian - the lower the translation fee per character to be translated. Naturally, the length of the text will have a proportional impact on the total cost of translation. In some cases, it can be a cost-cutting factor if the translation is not urgent but can be completed within a normal deadline.Good to know: if you have several pages translated, we will give you a discounted quote. If you need our services on a longer-term basis, we can also be flexible to meet your specific needs under our discounted translation framework contract.

Translation prices, character count, fields of expertise ...

  • text length - the amount of material to be translated is measured by the number of characters, or keystrokes, in the text, including spaces. The amount of text on a printed page may vary depending on the font size and line spacing, and the number of images or illustrations. To calculate the amount of text, Word word processor is an excellent tool, or you can import PDF or other files. In all cases, we count the characters and prepare a translation quotation based on the exact amount of text before we submit a quotation.
  • languages - the more commonly used languages have lower margins, but we also strive for the best value for money for the less common languages.
  • specialised fields - it is important to use the right terminology consistently in medical, marketing, financial, legal or technical translations, so specialist translations are always done by experts in these fields. Sometimes this also has an impact on the translation price.
  • deadline - the amount of material is the main factor determining when a translation can be completed. While priority work is seen as a rush job and will cost extra, less urgent translations can be completed at a discounted rate.

Translation at a reduced price

We believe that the quality of the translation should not be a factor in the price. Of course, if a proofread final translation, reviewed by several translators, is required, this may change the price, but we always aim for the best value for money. However, the final cost of the translation can be reduced in several ways.

  • longer time, better price - if there is no need for an urgent, quick translation, this can have a positive impact on the bottom line. It is worth thinking about when you need the translation done and, if possible, ordering it early. This can significantly reduce the cost of translation.
  • shorter text, lower cost - the cost of translation will be lower if the document to be translated is shorter. If there are parts of the text that do not necessarily need to be translated, such as tables, footnotes, etc., it is worth indicating this when requesting a quote, so that the translation price can be reduced.
  • volume and corporate discounts - the more you spend, the bigger the discount you get when you order. For long-term translation jobs, we can guarantee a lower price with our framework contract discount.

Best value for money translations

Our returning clients confirm that we have been providing our partners with one of the best value-for-money translation services for almost two decades. If you haven't tried us out yet, we offer a discount on your first order and guarantee that you will be satisfied with your translation. And our long-term corporate discount ensures that hundreds of our small, medium and large corporate clients will continue to be satisfied with Lector Translation Services for many years to come.

Ask for a discount!

We try to offer a discounted price even on the first translation, but we also guarantee individual discounts for longer materials, multiple documents or long-term cooperation.Good to know: it is worth asking the relevant administrator before the translation to find out what discounts are available when ordering.

Frequently asked questions

How much does the translation cost?

The price of the translation is determined by:
- from which language to which language we translate,
- the length of the material, how many characters it contains,
- the subject of the text and the field to which it belongs,
- when we want the translation to be ready.

Is it more expensive if the translation is urgent?

Usually, the length of the document to be translated determines when a translation can be completed. The longer the document, the more time it takes to produce an accurate translation. In most cases, urgent translations are possible, where the translation agency will meet the expected deadline.

Are there translation discounts?

There are usually several types of discounts that can be requested in the translation quote. If the source material is voluminous, a volume discount is given. If there are a large number of repetitions in the document, you can also ask for a discount on repetitions.

Request for quotation
You can request a translation quote conveniently in just a few steps without leaving your office or home. More information on this is available on our How to request a quote page.

Official translation
In the case of an official translation, Lector Translation Agency will certify the authenticity of the translation and declare that the content of the translation is the same as that of the source language document. The content and quality of the official translation is the same as that of the certified translation produced exclusively by OFFI.

Quick translation
Fast translation can be with you in up to 2 days for an emergency surcharge. The translated text is also of professional quality. We consult with our specialist translators before translating several pages and, if necessary, involve several people in the translation process.

Specialised translations
At Lector, we provide high quality specialist translations in a wide range of fields that are essential for the smooth running of business and everyday work. We pay particular attention to providing business translations at a native language level, where necessary, while maintaining consistent language usage. The most important thing we take care of when translating is to use the right terminology in the right context, in the right language. To this end, we build our own corporate vocabulary for our clients who translate regularly.

Useful tips for ordering translation

A truly professional business translation starts with the request for proposal! Read our collection of tips and tricks to help you order professional translations more easily and cost-effectively.

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