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Chinese translation - 中文翻译

We have been providing Chinese-Hungarian and Hungarian-Chinese translations for more than a decade. Our bilingual translators, many of whom are native Chinese speakers, provide high-quality business Chinese translations in a variety of fields. We translate materials in Simplified Chinese: 汉语 and Traditional Chinese: 漢語 not only into Hungarian, but also into English and the languages of neighbouring countries. The translation volume is calculated based on the Latin characters.

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Japanese translation - 日本語訳

Japanese-Hungarian and Hungarian-Japanese translations are our speciality. Our Japanese-educated and native Japanese-speaking translators and interpreters regularly work as translators and interpreters for the domestic subsidiaries of Japanese companies. Their daily experience and thousands of pages of translated references guarantee quality translations in Japanese. Technical documentation is translated and proofread by our Japanese specialist translators.

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Korean translation - 한국어 번역

We have been translating Korean-Hungarian and Hungarian-Korean for almost a decade. Our Korean translation team, in many cases with our native Korean translators, provides quality business Korean translations in a variety of fields. We translate materials in Korean source language not only into Hungarian, but also into English and the languages of neighbouring countries. The translation volume can be calculated based on Latin characters.

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Why choose Lector?


Unique business expressions, dedicated translators, cost-centred invoices and corporate discounts help our partners to get their documents translated quickly and easily. Our long-term contracts grant extra discounts.


Fast translations are essential to every business. We pay special attention to the specific requests of our customers. Short deadlines are sure to be met by our hardworking translators, even during weekends.


Translation prices are always fair and correct! Our accurate quotations allow customers to calculate prices at any given time. We provide a discount price based on the document to be translated and the deadline, which always results in cost-effective translations.


Our translators take care of translations in any field, whether it be technical, legal, medical or any other type of field. With more than a decade of experience and commitment under our belt, our professional business translations are guaranteed to be of excellent quality.


With just a few clicks, you can submit a request for a detailed quote that can be ordered right away. You can easily download or request the finished translation, which will be sent to your email address. You can either pay online by card or by transfer. We will provide you with a detailed and cost-based bill for convenient settling.


Securing your business material and data is our main priority. Documents can always be uploaded to and downloaded from the server of our agency via a secure channel. We treat content and personal information very discreetly.

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