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English translation

English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English translations are the most commonly used language pairs among the 40 different languages in which our translators work. The favourable price for English translations is guaranteed by the large volume of material to be translated and the permanent staff of translators specialised in different fields. If necessary, our native English-speaking translators can also proofread your translations.

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German translation - - deutsche Übersetzung

We have been providing German-Hungarian and Hungarian-German translations for more than a decade. Our German-speaking translators specialise in different fields of translation. Official translations and proofreading in German can be completed at short notice, even within a day. In the case of native language proofreading, the translated material is also reviewed and checked by our native German translator.

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French translation - traduction française

Professional French translations are provided by francophone professionals with decades of experience in both French-Hungarian and Hungarian-French translation. French is spoken by approximately 220 million people around the world as a mother tongue, second language or foreign language and we are proud that some of them are our professional translators.

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Italian translation - traduzione italiana

Italian-Hungarian and Hungarian-Italian translations in eight different fields are available from Lector. Our Italian-speaking translators have specialised translation experience in the fields of business, law, finance, engineering, medicine, marketing and IT. We translate official documents into Italian with the same professional quality as we translate machine manuals, contracts or even medical records into Italian.

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Russian translation - Русский перевод

Russian to Hungarian and Hungarian to Russian are the two most common pairs for Russian translations, but in many cases Russian texts need to be translated into English or other world languages. In all relations, our native or graduate translators guarantee the quality of professional business translations. If necessary, we will proofread the finished materials and issue an official translation certificate.

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Slovak translation - Slovenský preklad

For Slovak-Hungarian and Hungarian-Slovak translations, our highly experienced translators, who are native speakers of both languages, provide specialist translations. Professional business translations in Slovak are frequently required in the financial, legal and medical fields. In all cases, we pay particular attention to the correct use of technical terms in addition to linguistic correctness.

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Czech translation - Český překlad

Czech-Hungarian and Hungarian-Czech translations also play an important role for multinational companies operating as regional headquarters in Hungary. In many cases we also translate Czech source documents into English and the languages of neighbouring countries. Our native Czech translators provide translations on short deadlines and with maximum professional accuracy, which are accompanied by official certification.

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Polish translation - Polskie tłumaczenie

The Polish-Hungarian and Hungarian-Polish translations are done by our native translators and translators who have studied in Poland. In the case of Polish business translations requiring specialised skills, professional proofreaders check the quality of the raw translations. More than a decade of experience in Polish translation and the translation of thousands of documents in Polish guarantee quality language localisation.

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Spanish translation - Traducción al español

Both Spanish-Hungarian and Hungarian-Spanish translations are carried out by expert translators of the Spanish language, taking into account the language and specialisation of the source document. In all cases, Spanish proofreading and formatting and editing of the document to match the source material is possible. In the case of an official document, we will provide a Spanish translation certificate.

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Portuguese translation - Tradução para o português

We provide professional Portuguese translations in Portuguese-Hungarian and Hungarian-Portuguese, as well as in combination with other world languages or with the languages of neighbouring countries. Our specialist translators, many of whom are native Portuguese translators with many years of experience and hundreds of thousands of translated characters, guarantee the quality of the translations. The two main dialects of Portuguese are European and Brazilian.

Croatian translation - Hrvatski prijevod

Both Croatian-Hungarian and Hungarian-Croatian translations are carried out by our native-speaking translators, sometimes living in Croatia. Translations of Croatian language materials belonging to the South Slavic language group are often required for business communication with neighbouring countries. Our specialised translators work on legal, financial, marketing, medical and other specialised Croatian translations.


Slovenian translation - Slovenski prevod

Translating Slovenian-Hungarian and Hungarian-Slovenian documents is not one of the most common language relations, but it is important that Slovenian materials are accurately translated into Hungarian and vice versa, and that professional quality translations are produced in Slovenian. Our native Slovenian translators, who also speak Hungarian perfectly, guarantee high quality.

Swedish translation - Svensk översättning

The Swedish-Hungarian and Hungarian-Swedish translations are carried out by our bilingual translators living in Scandinavia, including Sweden. When proofreading, our native Swedish-speaking translator will review the completed documents translated into Swedish. In addition to Hungarian language pairing, we also translate Swedish source materials into the languages of neighbouring countries and world languages. We can also find the right solution for specialised professional material.

Dutch translation - Nederlandse vertaling

Dutch-Hungarian and Hungarian-Dutch translations, even in specialised fields, require the work of excellent Dutch translators. For these rare language pairs, it is important that the translation is carried out by a native speaker of both languages, preferably a native speaker of the target language, in order to produce a document of high quality in terms of both language and content. With decades of experience, our Dutch translators guarantee quality translations.

Ukrainian translation - український переклад

Ukrainian-Hungarian and Hungarian-Ukrainian translations are particularly important today, in a time of war in Ukraine. These works are carried out by our excellent Ukrainian and Hungarian bilingual translators. In this language care, it is also important to produce a document of high quality, both in terms of language and content. With decades of experience, our Ukrainian translators guarantee quality translations.

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Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Arabic translation

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Unique business expressions, dedicated translators, cost-centred invoices and corporate discounts help our partners to get their documents translated quickly and easily. Our long-term contracts grant extra discounts.


Fast translations are essential to every business. We pay special attention to the specific requests of our customers. Short deadlines are sure to be met by our hardworking translators, even during weekends.


Translation prices are always fair and correct! Our accurate quotations allow customers to calculate prices at any given time. We provide a discount price based on the document to be translated and the deadline, which always results in cost-effective translations.


Our translators take care of translations in any field, whether it be technical, legal, medical or any other type of field. With more than a decade of experience and commitment under our belt, our professional business translations are guaranteed to be of excellent quality.


With just a few clicks, you can submit a request for a detailed quote that can be ordered right away. You can easily download or request the finished translation, which will be sent to your email address. You can either pay online by card or by transfer. We will provide you with a detailed and cost-based bill for convenient settling.


Securing your business material and data is our main priority. Documents can always be uploaded to and downloaded from the server of our agency via a secure channel. We treat content and personal information very discreetly.

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