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Quick Translation

If you need a translation at short notice, we can do that too. With us, your documents will not lose any of their quality!

We guarantee that, depending on the number of characters, you will receive the translated material in a much shorter time than a traditional translation.

If you need several pages translated quickly, we will always consult with our translators and even involve several people in the project. If there is a specific deadline or translation material, we will also contact the client if necessary.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly is the translation done?

It depends on the length of the source text, but generally speaking, a translation of a document of a few pages can be completed in 1 working day.

How many pages can be translated in a day?

Experienced professional translators can translate thousands of characters of text in a day to a high quality. This can be tens of pages a day for a dozen or more translators.

Translate large texts quickly?

This can also be done. In this case, coordinating the work of several translators in parallel allows us to deliver the translation to the client as quickly as possible. In the case of parallel work, we coordinate the vocabulary and style of the individual translators using linguistic control methods and software translation support.

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You can conveniently request a quote in just a few steps without leaving your office or home. More information on this is available on our How to request a quote page.

Official translations
In the case of official translations, we will provide Lector with a certificate of authenticity, stating that the content of the translation is the same as the source language document. The content and quality of the official translation is adequate for most official purposes.