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Before translation: quote

You can request a translation quote conveniently in just a few steps without leaving your office or home. For more details, see our How to get a quote page. At Lector Translation Agency, we take into account the number of characters to be translated, the language relation, the desired deadline and, if necessary, we also consult with the customer before preparing the quotation. In a few minutes, you will have a detailed quotation.

Good to know: if you have several pages translated, we will prepare a discounted quotation for you. If you need our services on a longer-term basis, we can also offer you a flexible quote for your specific needs under our discounted translation framework contract.


Once you have sent us your quote and placed your order, we will select the most suitable qualified translators. This ensures that we consistently use the right terminology in medical, marketing, financial, legal and technical translations, whether they are in English, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese or Japanese. The average turnaround time for translations is 2-5 working days, depending on the target language and the length of the text to be translated. If the translation is inaccurate or inadequate, we will correct it free of charge, with a guarantee.

Quick Translation

A quick translation is needed when the client needs the translated document within a short deadline. We strive for quality and accuracy, as with traditional translation, but for an additional charge for urgency, the deadline is 2 working days. Urgent translations are usually required for the most important contracts, documents and certificates.


Proofreading is one of the most important processes in translation projects. The translated text is reviewed by our certified translators and proofreaders: the aim is to produce a document in the native language, with the aim of accuracy. In the target language text, we take care to ensure grammatical correctness, spelling and the use of appropriate terms. It is important to note that only properly translated documents can be proofread.

Official or certified translation?

In the case of an official (also known as certified) translation, the translation agency certifies that the translation it has produced is the same as the original document. This form of translation is usually appropriate for company accounts, contracts, company deeds, documents to be submitted to the court of registration, financial documents, tender applications, etc. Only certified translations are recognised by the public authorities as being identical to the original. Authentic translations are generally expected for the translation of state documents, inter-state contracts, diploma certification and civil status documents.Good to know: before translating, it is a good idea to ask the relevant administrator what kind of translation is accepted in the place of the translation.

Request for quotation
You can request a translation quote conveniently in just a few steps without leaving your office or home. More information on this is available on our How to request a quote page.

Official translation
In the case of an official translation, Lector Translation Agency will certify the authenticity of the translation and declare that the content of the translation is the same as that of the source language document. The content and quality of the official translation is the same as that of the certified translation produced exclusively by OFFI.

Quick translation
Fast translation can be with you in up to 2 days for an emergency surcharge. The translated text is also of professional quality. We consult with our specialist translators before translating several pages and, if necessary, involve several people in the translation process.

Specialised translations
At Lector, we provide high quality specialist translations in a wide range of fields that are essential for the smooth running of business and everyday work. We pay particular attention to providing business translations at a native language level, where necessary, alongside consistent language usage. The most important thing we ensure when translating is that we use the right terminology in the right context, in the right language. To this end, we build up our own in-house vocabulary for clients who need regular translations.