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Lector Translation Agency – 15 years – 10,000 clients – 120 million converted characters

With more than a decade of experience under our belt, we are working with our tried and tested translation team to provide our partners with the best translation quality at the best price possible.
We are proud of the trust we acquired from our thousands of domestic and international customers.

Why choose Lector?


Unique business expressions, dedicated translators, cost-centred invoices and corporate discounts help our partners to get their documents translated quickly and easily. Our long-term contracts grant extra discounts.


Fast translations are essential to every business. We pay special attention to the specific requests of our customers. Short deadlines are sure to be met by our hardworking translators, even during weekends.


Translation prices are always fair and correct! Our accurate quotations allow customers to calculate prices at any given time. We provide a discount price based on the document to be translated and the deadline, which always results in cost-effective translations.


Our translators take care of translations in any field, whether it be technical, legal, medical or any other type of field. With more than a decade of experience and commitment under our belt, our professional business translations are guaranteed to be of excellent quality.


With just a few clicks, you can submit a request for a detailed quote that can be ordered right away. You can easily download or request the finished translation, which will be sent to your email address. You can either pay online by card or by transfer. We will provide you with a detailed and cost-based bill for convenient settling.


Securing your business material and data is our main priority. Documents can always be uploaded to and downloaded from the server of our agency via a secure channel. We treat content and personal information very discreetly.

300+ translators

Most of the more than 300 translating colleagues of our company have been real experts in specific languages and fields with more than a decade of experience. Many of them also translate into their mother tongue and do proofreading if necessary.


Correct price calculations and precise deadlines are the two most important aspects when compiling translations for our business partners. Our guarantee: translations are always prepared on time and at a fixed price.


We are happy when our partners are satisfied. In many cases, our colleagues help our clients, who most often consider us being their own colleagues, in their day-to-day work. We provide assistance in everything that is related to translation tasks.

Corporate Partner Program

We provide our partners with quick, accurate and cost-effective translations, as well as simple business-to-business solutions. As part of Corpus Communications, our Lector Translation Agency team, along with linguistic experts, is supporting our domestic and international partners’ work with over one and a half decades of experience. Contact us to create a unique offer! Keresse munkatársunkat, hogy egyedi ajánlatot készíthessünk!

Long-term corporate discounts

In addition to the appropriate discount, it may be important to include longer-than-average payment terms or individual invoice parameters. These needs are being dealt with flexibly in our long-term preferential translation framework contract.

Quantity discount

We offer discounts based on the amount of characters that need to be converted. In case of large documents of multiple pages, we draft a provisional discount and long-term offer. You can also count on other types of discounts if the same content needs to be translated into multiple languages.

Corporate terminology

Companies do not only use specific terminology when it comes to business, but also in many other cases. A good translation can be guaranteed when the terms preferred by the company are used consistently. Professional translations and qualitative localizations with consistency in mind are provided with a customised company phrase.

Personal customer service

Everything can be done online most of the time, but we also offer personalised customer service that is always available to you and your business partners. Our management is always all ears. Our Project Manager gladly assists you at any time.


Business documents usually contain highly confidential information. Therefore, we make sure that they do not end up in the hands of unauthorised people. We use an encrypted data connection when transmitting documents and we only make it available to colleagues who take care of the professional translation.

Accurate translation offer

Right after you have submitted your inquiry, we will start summarising the content to make it as easy as possible to review the documents. We always include the exact name and contact details of your company, the documents’ name, the source and target languages, the number of characters to be converted, the unit price , the discount and the final sum, as well as the VAT and payment terms in our offers. We always provide our customers with the best offers possible.

Simple administration

Our administration is very easy and flexible. You can take care of everything online, from uploading and downloading your documents to receiving the invoice and settling the payment. Our document archive allows you to work with multiple colleagues at the same time. Our translation agency is at your disposal 24/7.

Reliable background

As part of Corpus Communications, Lector has more than ten years of experience, with more than 100 million characters converted, thousands of customers and reliable business translation partners for domestic and international companies of any type.

Some of our partners include:

novo nordisk
Fujitsu Siemens