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How do I request a quote?

Simply click on the "Request a Quote" button at the top of the page and enter the language from which you would like to have translated and the subject of the material you wish to have translated. Select when you need the translation done and indicate the length and number of characters of the source document. The price of the translation will depend mainly on the language ratio, the size of the material to be translated and the deadline.

For an accurate quote, please upload the documents to be translated at the end of the request form!

In a few minutes, our staff will send you a detailed quote with all the relevant information per language relation, source and target languages, the quantity to be translated, the unit price, the discount, the total amount, the VAT content, the payment terms and the deadline. We will send you a clear and attractive offer.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need for a quick translation quote?

It's easy to request a translation quote online, but before you do, it's worth finding out
- which language you want to have translated from which language into which language,
- the subject matter and specialisation of the material to be translated,
- the length and number of characters of the source document,
- and it is important that you know when you need a translation.

How long does it take to get a translation quote?

After filling in the online translation quote request form, the translation agency will send you a detailed quote in just a few minutes.

Does it cost money to request a quote?

No, the request for a quote is always free of charge and it is usually sufficient to provide an e-mail address to which we expect an accurate quote.

Official translations
In the case of official translations, we will provide Lector with a certificate of authenticity, stating that the content of the translation is the same as the source language document. The content and quality of the official translation is the same as that of the certified translation produced exclusively by OFFI.

Fast translation
For an emergency surcharge, you can have a fast translation within up to 2 days. The translated text is also of professional quality. We consult with our specialist translators before translating several pages and, if necessary, involve several people in the translation process.

Useful tips for ordering translation

A truly professional business translation starts with the request for proposal! Read our collection of tips and tricks to help you order professional translations more easily and cost-effectively.

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