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In the case of an official translation, we will provide Lector with a certificate of authenticity, stating that the content of the translation matches the content of the source language document. The certificate is always issued in the target language(s) and is handed over to the client in a sealed form, stamped and signed.

How to request an official translation?

When requesting a quote, please indicate your request in the comment field or by e-mail or phone to our contact person.

How can you collect the certificate?

You can download your certificate with the translated documents at the same time, from the comfort of your home, through your personal Client Gateway. We will also send it to you and to any of your designated colleagues by e-mail upon request.You can receive the translation and the certificate in person or by regular mail, although these are more time-consuming processes.


Proofreading is one of the most important processes in translation projects. The translated text is reviewed by our certified translators and proofreaders: the aim is to produce a document in the native language, with the aim of accuracy. In the target language text, we take care to ensure grammatical correctness, spelling and the use of appropriate terms. It is important to note that only properly translated documents can be proofread.

The official is not authentic!

Authentic translations can only be issued by the state OFFI (National Office for Translation and Translation Authentication). The official translation from the Lector Translation Agency is adequate in terms of content and accuracy, but there are government institutions that will only accept a certified translation as a translation that is identical to the content of the document. Before ordering a translation service, it is advisable to ask the person in charge of the institution in question what kind of translation is required.

Fast translation
For an emergency surcharge, you can have a fast translation within up to 2 days. The translated text is also of professional quality. We consult with our specialist translators before translating several pages and, if necessary, involve several people in the translation process.

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You can conveniently request a quote in just a few steps without leaving your office or home. More information on this is available on our How to request a quote page.

Specialist translations
At Lector, we provide high quality specialist translations in a wide range of fields that are essential for the smooth running of business and everyday work. We pay particular attention to providing business translations at a native language level, where necessary, alongside consistent language usage. The most important thing we ensure when translating is that we use the right terminology in the right context, in the right language. To this end, we build up our own in-house vocabulary for clients who need regular translations.

Official translations
In the case of official translations, Lector Translation Services will provide a certificate of authenticity, confirming that the content of the translation is the same as the source language document. The content and quality of the official translation is adequate for most official purposes.

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Useful tips for ordering translation

A truly professional business translation starts with the request for proposal! Read our collection of tips and tricks to help you order professional translations more easily and cost-effectively.

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