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Ukrainian business translation

Our business and law graduates have a high level of expertise and considerable translation experience to provide quality business Ukrainian translations. We translate different but related business materials using the same terminology and consistent phrases, in most cases in the same form as the original, so that the Ukrainian translation is always correct.

Ukrainian legal translation

When translating a contract, a legal declaration, a power of attorney, a loan agreement or a lawsuit, and any other legal-related material, professionalism is crucial. We have Ukrainian translators with legal qualifications who can provide you with a signed and stamped translation, a so-called official translation.

Ukrainian medical translation

With many years of experience, we translate product brochures, case studies, medical and pharmaceutical literature for major pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical companies. With our Ukrainian translators, who are pharmacists and doctors, and have specialised knowledge of the language, we provide our partners with high-quality medical translations.

Ukrainian Marketing Translation

The translation of Ukrainian online marketing materials must also meet specific needs. When translating Adwords keyword lists, we look for linguistically catchy, short phrases, while when optimising websites, we pay attention to SEO aspects. In addition to this, we support the work of our specialist translators with the attention of our web development colleagues when translating website localisation, newsletter translation and frequently updated online content.

Ukrainian financial translation

For balance sheets, annual reports and accounting documents, it is essential that a Ukrainian translator with specialised knowledge of the subject matter translates the documents. We always provide professional translations of financial material by Ukrainian language specialists to ensure that the financial material is not only translated, but also correctly translated.

Ukrainian technical translation

In the case of translations of instructions for use, operating instructions, machine manuals, technical approvals, production documents and specifications or any technological specifications, tender documents and product specifications, professional authenticity depends on the correct use of the Ukrainian language. Our technical translators are specialists in many different technical fields, so you can trust their expertise.

Ukrainian website translation

When translating websites, in most cases, not only the text content but also the text of illustrations, graphics and graphs must be properly rendered in each translated language, which is collectively referred to as localisation. We can help you to map your website and provide professional language localisation in Hungarian, Ukrainian and neighbouring countries as well as in all other world languages.

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Correct price calculations and precise deadlines are the two most important aspects when compiling translations for our business partners. Our guarantee: translations are always prepared on time and at a fixed price.

300+ translators

Most of the more than 300 translating colleagues of our company have been real experts in specific languages and fields with more than a decade of experience. Many of them also translate into their mother tongue and do proofreading if necessary.


Securing your business material and data is our main priority. Documents can always be uploaded to and downloaded from the server of our agency via a secure channel. We treat content and personal information very discreetly.


With just a few clicks, you can submit a request for a detailed quote that can be ordered right away. You can easily download or request the finished translation, which will be sent to your email address. You can either pay online by card or by transfer. We will provide you with a detailed and cost-based bill for convenient settling.


Our translators take care of translations in any field, whether it be technical, legal, medical or any other type of field. With more than a decade of experience and commitment under our belt, our professional business translations are guaranteed to be of excellent quality.


Translation prices are always fair and correct! Our accurate quotations allow customers to calculate prices at any given time. We provide a discount price based on the document to be translated and the deadline, which always results in cost-effective translations.

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Did you know about the Ukrainian language?

  • Language family. Ukrainian language (украї́нська мо́ва, ukrajinszka mova, [ukraˈjinsʲka ˈmɔva]) is a language of the Eastern Slavic subgroup of Slavic languages; it is written in Cyrillic characters.
  • Speakers. Ukrainians make up nearly eighty per cent of the population of Ukraine, but less than seventy per cent of the population claim Ukrainian as their mother tongue. The majority of Ukrainians are proficient and fluent in Russian, and a significant proportion claim it as their mother tongue. A mixed language has emerged in the mixed population area, which contains elements of both Russian and Ukrainian: it is Suryzyk, which many people claim as their mother tongue. According to a recent survey, more than two thirds of all press products published in Ukraine are in Russian, and less than a third are in Ukrainian. For periodicals, just over 10% are in Ukrainian.
  • Its vocabulary has similarities with the languages of the neighbouring Slavic peoples, especially Belarusian, Polish, Russian and Slovak.
  • Effects. The situation of Ukrainian is paradoxical: although historically an Eastern Slavic language, it is strongly influenced by Polish: while there is a continuous transition between dialects towards Polish and Belarusian, the borders are sharper towards Russian.
  • Ukrainian and the other Slavic languages. Ukrainian is derived from the Eastern Old Slavic language of the historic state of Kievan Rus and has survived to this day despite being banned twice in Tsarist Russia and persecuted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The peculiarity of Ukrainian, in which it differs from all other Slavic languages, is that the Old Slavic [o] has been changed into [i] in closed syllables - through diphthongus. (This has not happened in Ruthenian, so in this respect Ruthenian is closer to Russian than to Ukrainian.) Since [i] and [o] are rather distant sounds, this difference makes it particularly difficult to identify words of the same origin.
  • Russian in the Ukrainian Parliament. If a member of parliament speaks in Russian instead of Ukrainian, the Svoboda members (members of the nationalist Freedom Party) bang on the table and chant for him to speak Ukrainian. This is how it happens that in recent times MPs in the Ukrainian parliament have been making twice the 'allowed' noise during plenary sessions. The measurement of the noise level was ordered by the Speaker, who was interrupted by chanting after he himself spoke in Russian.
  • A language law introduced in 2012 allows minorities within a given administrative unit to officially use their mother tongue if their share reaches 10%.

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