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Quickly and simply

Ask for a price quote, order a translation, pay online or by transfer and download the completed translation!

Professional translation in a few steps

Ask for price

Ask for a translation price quote with just a few clicks!

The price of the translation depends primarily on three aspects: the language combination, the amount of material and the deadline. Specify the source and target languages and indicate the subject of your documents on the quotation pop-up ‘Translation offer’ on top of the page. Indicate the deadline and the number of characters your documents consist of.

Upload the documents to be translated to complete your inquiry.

In a few minutes, our staff will send you a detailed offer including all important data: source and target languages, number of characters, unit price, discount, total sum, VAT, payment terms and deadline. We will send you a nice and accurate offer.

The size of your document is determined by the number of characters it consists of. You can easily check the number of characters in Microsoft Word, but we can also help you determine the number of characters in other formats.


Ordering a translation is very easy!

You can easily place your order and pay for the translation online by clicking the link in the email you have received. We start translating right after we received the translation fee or proof of payment. All there is left to do now, is wait.

Quantity(-based) and long-term corporate discounts
If you spend more – even for a few pages – we will present you a discount offer. In our long-term preferential framework contract, we will take care of your special needs. Just ask for a special offer!

Orders can be placed via email or in person at our office with the easy-to-use online interface accepting the inquiry, signing it and sending it back to your email address.

Receive translation

Download translated documents safely!

After completing the translation, we will notify you by email that your documents are ready for download. You can do this easily by using our secure data connection. Via Client Login, you have access to your own archive with all of your previous orders and both source and target materials.

Upon request, we will send the finished products as an email attachment to you or to any person you have designated.


Detailed invoice, printed at your office

The invoice will be sent electronically. We either send it with the option of remote printing or to you or the designated financial colleague and the specified billing address upon request. In both cases, the invoice includes the unique identifier of the order, the total sum, the unit price and discount. Easy financial administration at its best!

If desired, we will issue a cost-based invoice that will facilitate your company’s financial administration. In case of a customised framework contract, we put together all translations per month in a summary document.


Pay simply and safely online

You can also manage the transfer of your translation fee online easily and safely. Choose what credit card you want to use and secure your translation fee with your Master Card, Visa or American Express card on the OTP web interface. If you prefer paying by transfer, you can transfer the fee to the bank account mentioned on the invoice.

You can also pay with PayPal’s online banking system if you have a PayPal account.


Useful tips for ordering translations

A truly professional business translation starts by submitting an inquiry! Our tips will provide you with clever advice in order to help you make translating documents as easy and economical as possible.

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